Ramus Wild Catch

Ramus Wild Catch – Sustainable, Fresh, Fair Ramus Wild Catch – Sustainable, Fresh, Fair Ramus Wild Catch – Sustainable, Fresh, Fair Ramus Wild Catch – Sustainable, Fresh, Fair Ramus Wild Catch – Sustainable, Fresh, Fair
Ramus Wild Catch

Ramus Wild Catch – Sustainable, Fresh, Fair

Following a successful visit down to the fishing ports of Newlyn & Brixham on the South West coast, Ramus Seafoods is proud to announce new direct partnerships with day boat fishermen in Cornwall and Devon, to ensure the best variety of the freshest fish for their customers in Yorkshire.

Why Choose Ramus Wild Catch

Unrivalled volumes & varieties: Although Ramus still continues to source fish from the local East Coast & Scotland, the harbours at Newlyn, Cornwall and Brixham, Devon are unrivalled in their volumes and variety of fish landed. Choose from mackerel, mullet, pouting, pollack, squid & sole, all dependent on seasonal availability.

Fantastic freshness: All fish is caught by day boat fishermen, fishing in small boats 6 miles out to sea, and can be delivered to Harrogate within 24 hours of being landed.

Sustainable sourcing: Apart from the obvious benefits of quality and freshness, Ramus is keen to build on their commitment to customers for sustainable sourcing, providing the freshest, most environmentally sound seafood.

Traceability: All of the Wild Harbour fish is completely traceable, right down to the fisherman who caught it. So with additional point of sale in store, Ramus hopes to show customers, both trade and retail, just how sustainable, fresh and fair this new Wild Catch range truly is.

Daily Delivery: Delivered to Ramus Harrogate within 24 hours of being landed and delivered to your door when required.

Fair Price: By sourcing directly from the fishermen themselves, Ramus is able to guarantee the best price for their customers and a fairer price for the fishermen.

Our Suppliers

Ramus Wild Catch - Wild Harbour

Wild Harbour

Based in Hayle, West Cornwall and set up by husband and wife team Abi & Saul Astrinsky in 2011, Wild Harbour now boasts a team of 26 day boats.

“We believe by sourcing direct from the fishermen and paying them a fair price for responsibly caught fish we can go some way to making fishing a truly sustainable industry in Cornwall, now and for future generations,” says Saul, director and fisherman. “We’re thrilled that, through our partnership with Ramus Seafoods, we can now extend our supply of fabulous fish up to Yorkshire.”

Ramus Wild Catch - Dreckly Fish

Dreckly Fish

A group of 4 day boat fishermen fishing out of Newlyn, Cornwall.

Kevin Penny of Dreckly Fish comments;

We use sustainable and low impact methods, and all our boats are part of the Responsible Fishing Scheme run by Seafish.”


For more information about Ramus Wild Catch please contact Jonathan Batchelor:

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