What will happen to our traditional fish and chips?

Responding to a news article last week based on a study published in Nature Climate Change by the University of Exeter, Jonathan Batchelor appeared on The Mark Forrest Evening Show on BBC local radio to discuss the alternatives to our traditional cod & haddock.fish and chips

With sea waters due to rise by +1.8 degrees C over the next 50 years, there’s a fear that the cod and haddock used for our traditional fish and chips could be under threat, as the fish swim off in search of cooler water.

According to a fish & chip shop in Bridlington also quoted on the programme, fish & chips, which have been around for 150 years or more, is currently made up of 90% haddock and 10% cod, with customers being very traditional in their views.

Not only was Jonathan able to allay fears over fish stocks, with cod stocks replenishing but he was also able to suggest some great alternatives foRamus-fish-2r our fish and chips.  Gurnard, hake and pollock would be the closest fish by comparison and are delicious dippedOur Catch - Fresh Seafood from Ramus in batter, as would a line-caught mackerel from the South West.

Traditional fishmongers champion the wide range of sustainable fish caught off our island’s shores and Ramus will typically be offering 30-40 species at one time, which is fantastic for a shop located miles from the sea!  Close relationships with day boat fishermen ensure delicious fresh fish arrive within 24 hours of being landed, ensuring the best variety and quality for the customers.

With all of the varieties on offer, there’s always something new to try, from a simple pan-fried gurnard to a lobster thermidor and everything in between. 

For more inspiration, have a look in our Ramus cook book FORTY for some fabulous hake recipes: Spiced Hake with a Prawn Bhaji from the Boar’s Head, Ripley and a Crab Crusted fillet of hake from the Drum & Monkey, Harrogate.

 Boars Head spiced hake with prawn bhaji   Fish-Fingers & tartare sauce - CBDrum & Monkey hake


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