Top 3 Christmas Seafood Canapés

This Saturday Jonathan will be demonstrating how to do 3 delicious seafood Christmas canapés in half an hour.  Intrigued? Come along and join him at The Country Living Christmas Fair on Saturday 5th December at 13.00 at Harrogate HIC

To help your Christmas entertaining we’ve put together our top picks for quick, easy and, above all, delicious seafood canapés.

1. Potted Crab Tartlets
Mini pastry cases filled with handpicked crab meat, filled with a lightly spiced clarified butter and a sprinkling of dill.
For the full recipe click HERE.
Ramus Potted crab tartlets resized
2. Lobster Thermidor Tartlets
Mini pastry cases filled with an unctuously creamy thermidor sauce with a slash of brandy, cream and fish stock, and a dash of mustard, lemon and parsley. With only half a lobster needed to fill 16 tartlets, this recipe makes a lobster go a long way.
For the full recipe please click HERE.
Ramus Lobster Thermidor Tartlets resized
3. Tuna Tartare
Delicious as an individual starter or as a sharing platter with toasted ciabatta or Melba toasts, this quick dish is packed full of flavour.  Demonstrating how versatile tuna can be, here we add a host of ingredients such as capers, gherkins, red wine vinegar, herbs and onions to chopped raw tuna to ‘cook’ it in all of the delicious juices.  
For the full recipe please click HERE.
Ramus Tuna Tartare resized

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