Trade Offers

Great quality available. Don’t forget Seafood Week starts this weekend and we will have a great selection of seafood available.

Also our new restaurant guide launches this weekend for more information or to get listed give us a call.

Catch of the Day

Fresh Whole Hake £5.95kg

Boneless Halibut (superb) £16.95kg

Fresh new season mussels £3.25kg

Whole Gigha Island halibuts 2/3kg each £14.95kg

Line Caught East Coast
Mackerel £4.50kg

Fresh Cornish clams £9.95kg

Farmed Sea trout 2/3kg £6.95kg

Fresh Octopus £4.95kg

Fresh Plaice fillets £9.95kg

Plus lots more for the weekend!

Special Offers

Stunning fish direct from fishermen on the East Coast

Whole Brill 400/500gm £4.95 each

Whole Brill 500/800gm £6.95 each

Turbot 1/2kg £12.95kg

Turbot 400/500gm £4.95 each

Whole plaice 400/500gm £2.95 each

Don’t miss out call free on 0800 0355 850

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For more information on our latest Wild catch range or to take advantage of these special offers call -

0800 0355 850

Some items may be limited
All our products are served on a first come first served basis

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