Seafood versatility

It’s amazing to me just how simple and versatile seafood is to prepare and cook. I am always telling people this but sometimes when I experience it myself even I am surprised and impressed.

I was asked to do a demonstration for year 12 students at St John Fishers school this morning and as the selection of fish on offer today was a bit limited I decided to do something a bit different from my normal dem by doing more cooking than showing, as it were.

So I decided to focus on the versatility of certain seafood. I used fresh mackerel to make mackerel tartare (if you want to do this it’s very easy just make sure you use very fresh mackerel) and I also pan-fried some mackerel and served it with a salsa verdi. On the same theme I used raw scallops in a ceviche and then pan-fried others and served them with a pea and mint puree.

What struck me was not just how amazingly tasty these four dishes were but how simple and quick they were. In the case of the ceviche and the tartare you just chop up the ingredients and then add the fish and hey presto its done and the pea puree was a revelation to me. It was so sweet with a hint of mint , it was perfect with the scallop that was pan-fried in butter.

All the kids and teachers loved the dishes and were amazed by the raw fish dishes, particularly the mackerel tartare, and by using one expensive ingredient and one cheaper one I was able to show that fish doesn’t have to be and expensive option.

All in all it was a great morning, and the kids are not the only ones to get a lot out of it. It reinforces in me why I love doing my job and why I love seafood.

If you give me a bit of time I will try to post the recipes for you to try at home.



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