Scallops & Mussels Alive Alive Oh! Stray Extra Episode 8

When Alex Cann came to talk to us for the Food & Drink show on Stray Extra this week he got more than he bargained for. Not normally a shellfish eater, Alex was encouraged to try oysters, mussels and scallops and we are really pleased to say we have a convert!  Listen below for the full podcast.

MUSSELSRamus Moules mariniere resized

Jonathan started off the episode talking about mussels.  Ramus sources sustainable rope-grown mussels from Blueshell Mussels in Brae, Scotland, where the clarity of the clean Shetland water makes a real difference to the taste.  Not only are mussels the most environmentally sustainable shellfish, they also have the most impressive beneficial effects: great for the heart, brain and reducing arthritis inflammation. Mussels even contain levels of iron and folic acid to rival red meat.

Mussels lend themselves to being cooked very simply and a classic Moules Marinière is the perfect dish. You can download the recipe on our website here.  Look out for a new Steamed Mussels recipe card from Rick Stein coming soon.

Mussels are a live product so when buying make sure the shells are closed.  If they are open, just give them a tap to see if they close but if not discard before cooking.  Pull off any beards, but make sure you only do this just before cooking as this could kill the mussel, as can storing in tap water – just store in the fridge covered in a damp cloth.

The Moules Marinière took little over 5 minutes to cook and according to Alex were ‘really unusual, in a good way!’, ‘really tasty with a great variety of flavour’.  A delicious, great value meal, which is perfect eaten with crusty bread for mopping up the juices.

Take a look here to download the recipe.


OYSTERS OPENSourced from Colchester Oyster Fishery who can be traced back to Roman times, the oysters at Ramus are delicious shucked and simply eaten with a dash of Tabasco, red wine vinegar, chopped red onion and a squeeze of lemon.

Available ready to eat on one of our seafood platters, they make a delicious starter.  Click here to see the full Seafood Platter range.

SCALLOPSRamus Coquilles Pierre resized

Next it was on to king scallops which Ramus now source from The Ethical Shellfish Company on the Isle of Mull.  The winner of 2 environmental awards, these hand-dived scallops are selected for their size and quality and have built up a national following due to their delicious taste. ‘It’s a great example of the fishing industry working in conjunction with the environment’, commented Jonathan.

Also best cooked hot and fast, Jonathan simply pan-fried the scallops in butter, allowing a delicious caramelised outside and a delicious soft juicy inside.  Fabulous with a little black pudding, belly pork or pea purée, they work well in a ‘surf and turf’ dish.  Take a look at our recipe for Coquilles Pierre here – our version of Coquilles Saint Jacques. 

All the shellfish eaten in the programme is available in store at Ramus now.  Take a look at our website for more recipe inspiration or visit it us in-store where our team will be only too happy to help and advise.

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