Responsible Sourcing

Fishing trawler

Here at Ramus, we believe in the future of fish.

This means that whilst guaranteeing the broadest range of quality products to you, we also ensure that they are sourced responsibly. We buy from sustainable fish stocks and can provide full traceability on all our products.

With 40 years in the fish industry you can trust us to bring you the best quality, at the right price, and with the right ethical standards.


All of our salmon comes from the RSPCA Freedom Food certified Wester Ross Fisheries.

The oldest independent, owner-operated salmon farm in Scotland, Wester Ross still hand-rears its salmon in three sea-water lochs to ensure the best quality salmon with the minimum impact on the environment.

Other Fish

Mussels – Our Blue Shell Mussels are MSC certified

Haddock – Our Haddock is line caught in Iceland

Cod – Our cod supplier is MSC certified

Tuna & Swordfish – All of our tuna and swordfish is dolphin friendly and pole & line caught

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