Stephanie Moon’s Kilnsey Trout, cured in Lemon Verbena

A delicious dish of cured Kilnsey Park trout by Stephanie Moon, using ingredients from Rudding Park Kitchen Garden. Served with Nasturtium, land seaweed, purslane, sweet cicely, Yuzu puree, pear and radish.

Don't let the list of ingredients and processes put you off - this is definitely worth the effort!

Serves 6 canapes or 2 starters.

  • FOR THE TROUT: 2 large fillets of Kilnsey trout, pin-boned (bones removed) and skinned; 200g Maldon sea salt; 200g light brown sugar; 12 leaves of lemon verbena; 1 pear, sliced thinly and discs stamped out with a cutter into circles; 1 white turnip or mouli
  • FOR THE VINEGAR: 300ml balsamic white vinegar; 150g soft brown sugar; 3 lemon verbena leaves
  • FOR THE GARNISH: 18 perfect nasturtium leaves, cut using a cutter the same size as the pear slices; 6 extra leaves, to shred it though the diced trout; 18 leaves of purslane; 18 leaves of sweet cicely; 18 sprigs of land seaweed; 2 tablespoons of yuzu , removed and placed into a pan with 2 tablespoons of sweet stock syrup, add approximately 1 heaped teaspoon ultratex (or cornflour) and whisk in well. Place the yuzu dressing into a squeezy bottle for service.

Top Tips

Served with Nasturtium, land seaweed, purslane, sweet cicely, Yuzu puree, pear and radish.



  1. To cure the trout: Blend the 12 lemon verbena leaves in the thermo mixer, robo coupe or another mixer with the sugar and salt to form the base for curing the trout. Place the clean, de-boned trout onto a liberal base of the marinade and dust on top to allow the lemon verbena to work its magic. Leave this sweet salt on the trout for a good hour before washing it off and cutting the trout neatly into small dice.
  2. To make the herb oil: Blanch vibrant green leaves in boiling water, refresh under a cold tap and squeeze dry. Now blend with ½ pint of good quality olive oil and strain through a muslin cloth. Pour this into a squeezy bottle and plate the dish.
  3. Peel and dice the turnip the same size as the trout. Bring the vinegar, light brown sugar and three lemon verbena leaves to the boil. Pour in the diced turnip and remove from the heat straight away. Allow to cool and cook at the side of the stove. Drain and mix the pickled turnips with the lemon verbena cured trout and season. Mix the duck egg yolk in the thermo mixer for 15 mins at 65o°c until thick and cooked, without scrambling!
  4. Use the Yuzu puree as a base. Pile a neat pile of the trout dice with the pickled turnip or mouli on top. Arrange 5 discs of pear and 5 of thinly sliced radish around this. Press the sea land cress in between the discs carefully and add 3 purslane leaves per person. Cut out the nasturtium leaves. Finish by pouring a little Rudding Park Kitchen Garden herb oil over the trout and serve.

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