Ramus Chef Skills Courses – Basic Fish Skills & Filleting

On Tuesday March 6th we welcomed 5 local chefs to our very first Ramus Chef Skills Course – Basic Fish Skills and Filleting. The Wild Plum, So Bar and Eats and The Boar’s Head at Ripley had all sent along chefs to gain confidence and skills in fish filleting.

Tony Rushton, our Sales Director gave the team a tour of the Ramus production facilities, looking at everything from the fresh fish which had just arrived in icy containers to the lobster tanks and filleting benches.

It was then Keith our Production Manager’s turn to take over. He started off by showing the chefs how best to fillet a mackerel, a plaice, a haddock and a sea bass. He also showed them a special way to ‘boat-fillet’ a sea bass for presentation purposes and also to fillet a whole salmon. The chefs were then allowed to have a go themselves under the watchful and helpful eye of Keith.

The chefs all commented that they had thoroughly enjoyed the morning and hurried off to lunchtime service at their restaurants with a brochure and certificate, leaving with great feedback that they had ‘gained in depth knowledge’ and ‘learnt new skills’. A call for a shellfish course and more time for filleting means that we will definitely be running more courses soon.

Skills covered:

  • Understanding the different main species of fish, together with the bone structure and handling
  • Hands on filleting of:
    • Sea Bass
    • Plaice
    • Mackerel
    • Haddock
  • Demonstration of the above fish, plus
    • ‘Boat’ filleting a sea bass
    • Filleting a whole salmon

For pictorial instructions on filleting, as well as preparing shellfish, take a look in the ‘How To’ section of our cookbook Ramus FORTY, or for demonstration videos please follow the link to our website HERE.

Due to the popularity of the course we are looking at running a second Basic Fish Skills Course for chefs in May. Please contact us if you are interested.

We are also looking into the possibility of running courses for our shop customers who are keen to expand their food preparation skills and improve their knowledge of fish and filleting skills. Do let us know if this is something of interest.

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