Yellowfin Tuna Thunnus ibacor

A saltwater fin fish that is found in warm seas and popular as a game fish by anglers. This firm, meaty fish has a fantastic flavour which is great on its own or combined with any number of strong, sharp flavours. Their meaty steaks and lack of bones make it a popular menu choice.


A sleek, streamlined fish adapted for speed being a talented predator. Metallic dark blue with silver or white underside.


Yellowfin – max weight of 180kg


All pole and line caught from dolphin friendly fisheries in the Pacific and Indian Oceans


All year round; follow monsoon season in the Pacific during summer months

Oil Content


Price Guide


Portion Size

Steaks & Loins; can be cut to customer requirements


Marlin; Swordfish

How To Cook

Best seared on outside and rare in the centre; grilled or pan fried but avoid creamy sauces due to high oil content. The strong, earthy flavour of this meaty fish is enhanced with sharp, spicy garnishes. Baking not recommended as dries out too quickly.

Fish Fact

Canned tuna was first produced in 1903

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