Whiting Merlangius merlangus

A round, coldwater fish similar in appearance to its larger cod relatives, but better value. Its firm, white flakes hold together well across a variety of cooking processes.


A long, round slender body with silvery-grey skin and a lateral line running along its length, tapering to a square tail.


Range from 350g-1kg


North Sea; Atlantic Ocean


All year round; best quality October-March

Oil Content


Price Guide


Portion Size

Whole; fillets


Cod, haddock, coley, pollack

How To Cook

Can be enjoyed in many different ways; try pan-frying, grilling, baking, poaching or deep frying in a batter. Takes on both strong and creamy flavours really well but can be easily overcooked.

Fish Fact

Compared with the other cod members, whiting is a delicate fish that, once caught, starts to deteriorate rapidly so needs to be eaten as fresh as possible for the best taste.

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