Sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax

A large roundfish which has become extremely popular in recent years thanks to its superb, sweet flavour and appealing white textured meat.


2 dorsal fins, silver sides and white belly.


Farmed sea bass generally around 300g-800g; wild bass can reach up to 7kg


Farming (aquaculture) in Mediterranean all year round; Wild seabass caught in UK waters


Wild season runs from Aug-March but farmed sea bass available all year

Oil Content


Price Guide

Farmed – medium; Wild - high

Portion Size

Whole or fillets


Sea (gilthead) bream

How To Cook

This sweet medium flavoured white fish with small flakes works well with either creamy, delicate flavours or sharp, spicy sauces; makes great sushi; also great baked whole.

Fish Fact

The French call bass ‘loup de mer’, wolf of the sea, due to their voracious predatory nature.

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