Sea Trout Salmo trutta

A much sought-after salt water fish, technically the same species as brown trout (fresh water), similar in appearance to the salmon. A more subtle and sweeter flavour than salmon, with smaller flakes.


Resembles salmon but a smaller fish with a slender body, round silvery scales and black-flecked skin, with a forked tail.


Range up to 5kg


Wild sea trout - caught from Scottish Rivers


All year round; best quality May - August

Oil Content


Price Guide


Portion Size

Whole, fillets


Rainbow trout, salmon

How To Cook

Try pan-frying, grilling, baking or poaching. It’s an ideal fish for smoking (like salmon). Combines well with either creamy, delicate sauces or strong spicy flavours.

Fish Fact

Interestingly, from the same cluster of eggs, one fish of the same species will migrate from the river to the sea becoming a sea trout (predominantly female), while its sibling continues to feed in the same ares it hatched remaining a brown trout (mainly male).

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