Salmon Salmo salar

A most versatile fish which can be cooked using most methods and is enjoyed either hot or cold. It is the UK’s biggest selling species.


Slender with round, silver scales and a forked tail, characterised by a unique ‘adipose’ fin situated between the dorsal and tail fin.


Farmed fish range from 2-8kg, whilst wild fish are larger – easily up to 15kg


Wild salmon from Scottish rivers; farmed salmon all sourced from RSPCA Freedom Food supplier Wester Ross.


Farmed all year round. Wild season April-Sept

Oil Content


Price Guide

Farmed – low Wild - high

Portion Size

Whole, fillets, and steaks Can be cut to customer requirements


Sea Trout, Rainbow Trout, Pacific Salmon

How To Cook

Tasty when pan-fried, grilled, baked, poached or steamed. Enjoyable eaten hot or cold. Combines well with creamy sauces or strong, spicy flavours.

Fish Fact

Known as an ‘anadromous’ fish, the salmon spends its life at sea, only returning to fresh water to spawn.

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