Red Mullet Mullus barbatus

Highly regarded in many restaurants, this delicious soft textured fish with pale pink flesh is packed full of flavour due to its diet of crustaceans.


A pleasant looking, small roundfish with an orangey-red skin.


Range from 200g-1kg


South Coast


Best availability August-October

Oil Content


Price Guide


Portion Size

Whole; fillets


Red snapper

How To Cook

The diet of the red mullet gives it a wonderful rich taste of shellfish. Fillets are best pan-fried, grilled or steamed; whole fish baked or grilled. The fantastic sweet, earthy flavour of the meat can take on sharp, strong flavours really well.

Fish Fact

Unusually for a fish, the red mullet's liver is considered a delicacy which is one reason why they are often sold and cooked ungutted.

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