Pollack Pollachius pollachius

Also known as saithe (or lythe in Scotland), this cod-like species has seen an increase in popularity since the decline in cod and haddock stocks. Pollack is a great value, whitefish alternative.


A round, coldwater fish closely related to cod, with a greeny-brown back and bronze or golden flanks decorated with a distinctive lateral line from head to tail.


Range from 500g-3kg


Plentiful supply around the coast of Britain and Ireland


All year round; best quality November-May

Oil Content


Price Guide

Medium - due to recent rise in popularity

Portion Size



Coley, cod, haddock

How To Cook

Fillets are great poached in stews, curries and pies as the flakes hold well together during the cooking process. Try smoked or salted; also good battered and deep-fried. Can take on strong flavours well.

Fish Fact

A more popular fish in France, known as 'colin', where most of our catch goes. Pollack is spelled with both an 'a' and 'o', but they are actually different species.

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