Monkfish Lophius piscatorius

This deep water fish has a firm, meaty texture in the tail with a similar taste to langoustine. Also known as anglerfish.


Dark skinned fish with an ugly-looking, flat, broad head and huge mouth full of sharp teeth.


About 6ft in length, weighing an average of 7kg in UK waters. The tail (only part of the monkfish sold in UK) ranges in weight between 500g and 4kg.


North Atlantic, Irish Sea, English Channel and North Sea.


All year round; best quality from October-May

Oil Content


Price Guide


Portion Size



None – langoustine meat comes closest to taste and texture

How To Cook

This firm, fleshy fish has both a strong and sweet flavour and combines well with either creamy or sharp, spicy flavours/sauces. Try pan-fried, grilled, baked, poached or steamed.

Fish Fact

In some countries, the monkfish cheeks and liver are a highly prized delicacy. The head of a monkfish accounts for almost half its weight.

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