Lobster Nephropidae

The highly prized, succulent, meaty fish from the body, legs and claws combines well with both delicate and strong flavours and makes an impressive dish to serve.


A large marine crustacean with a long body and muscular tail, dark brown with blue/green tones of colour only turning red during the cooking process.


Generally 25-50cms long weighing between 400g – 1kg


Live lobster from Nova Scotia, Canada & N. America available all year round. On-site sea water tanks with capacity for 3000 lobster.


Available all year; best quality April-November

Oil Content


Price Guide


Portion Size

Live; whole boiled or dressed


Crayfish, Tiger Prawns

How To Cook

Live lobster should be steamed or boiled. The firm, meaty pieces of the body meat can then be added to other dishes if desired. The strong, sweet taste of the meat goes well with either creamy sauces or sharp, spicy flavours.

Fish Fact

The largest lobster ever caught was in Nova Scotia, Canada weighing 20kg (Guinness World Records).

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