Coley Pollachius virens

Most similar to the pollack, this fish is also known as ‘saithe’. The cod-like attributes of its taste and flavour make it a great value alternative to its better-known relatives, the cod and haddock.


A round, coldwater fish with a grey-blue tint - similar in appearance to its cod relatives with a long, tapered body and a white lateral line along its length.


Range from 500g-2kg


Atlantic Ocean; North Sea


Best quality November-March

Oil Content


Price Guide


Portion Size

Whole; fillets


Pollack, whiting, cod, haddock

How To Cook

The dull, off-white colour of the flesh lightens to a creamy-white during cooking. Like whiting, it is best eaten as fresh as possible before the taste deteriorates. Be careful not to overcook as the flakes will fall. A great fish to pan-fry, bake, grill or batter and deep fry. Combines well with delicate or spicy flavours.

Fish Fact

Produces illumination on drying out. Traditionally a very popular fish in Scotland, prepared by salting and smoking slowly - as it dries, the coley emits a phosphorescent glow.

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