Brill Scophthalmus rhombus

As well as being a cheaper and smaller alternative to the turbot, this fish has many similar, great qualities to its well-known relation such as firm textured flesh and a slightly sweet taste.


A flatfish, similar looking to the turbot with an oval-shaped body and grey-brown skin on its dark side. Like all flatfish, brill can alter its skin tone to match its surroundings.


Range from 400g-4kg


UK waters


Available all year round; best quality October-February

Oil Content


Price Guide


Portion Size

Smaller brill; whole, fillets - Larger brill (over 3kg); steaks


Turbot, plaice

How To Cook

Smaller brill are best served on the bone - pan-fried, grilled, poached or baked simply with garlic, herbs and butter. The larger steaks are delicious pan-fried or barbequed and seared, like a piece of meat, on all sides. Brill combines well with simple oriental flavours such as cardamom, ginger and soy sauce.

Fish Fact

Fishermen have been supplying London's Billingsgate fish market with brill for over 300 years.

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