MEET OUR SUPPLIER: Alfred Enderby Limited

Patrick Salmon, owner of Alfred Enderby Ltd

We’ve been stocking the delicious traditionally smoked fish from Alfred Enderby for many years and we were delighted to have the chance to chat to new owner Patrick Salmon, who purchased the business from Richard Enderby at the end of 2016. Previously a loyal customer of the business he is keen to maintain the fabulous quality and reputation of the business that was awarded PGI status in 2009. 

  1. Please can you tell us a little about the history of Alfred Enderby?
Alfred Enderby Ltd was incorporated in 1961, although Alfred himself worked for the previous owner for some decades prior. Our traditional fish curing factory with its tall brick chimneys is over 100 years old and is now a listed building. Originally the smoke house would cure cod and finnan haddocks but as time has moved on, Alfred Enderby perfected the curing of whole haddock fillets in clear brine moving slowly away from artificial colourings, and also mastering the art of traditional salmon curing.  The business continues to follow a time honoured method of production, along with incorporating modern technology such as blast chilling and vacuum packing when required. After almost a decade of application-writing and hard work, Alfred Enderby was granted a Protected Geographic Indication, this is a “protected names status” awarded to companies following a traditional and unique method of production such as parma ham, melton mowbray pork pies and so on. The PGI status recognises the uniqueness of what we do in Grimsby and it is hoped will secure the process we have taken care to maintain.

  1. Please can you tell us what makes Alfred Enderby smoked fish so good?

Richard Enderby with the traditional smoked haddock

The Alfred Enderby smoked fish is so good because we aim to buy the freshest large haddock we can every day from the auction on Grimsby Fish market, we fillet it by hand ourselves, brine the product and hang in the smokehouse in the afternoon and smoke it overnight. The very fact that we use fresh haddock and cold smoke it for a minimum of 12 hours sets us apart from other smokers. Many fish curers use modern kilns which are much quicker and cost effective but cannot impart the depth of flavour created by our traditional approach. We only buy small volumes as we can only fillet and smoke so much each day. We may end up paying more for our fish than those buying in huge volumes, but we get a better result!

  1. What is your favourite Alfred Enderby product and why?
The haddock is wonderful, I use it at home as a fast food. Better and quicker than chicken as an ingredient, it takes little cooking time and tastes great. Mix it easily with rice, roast veg, potato and much more. It’s really versatile and simple to use.

  1. How do you like to eat your smoked haddock?
My favourite smoked haddock meal is risotto. Make the risotto and add uncooked chunks of Enderby smoked haddock at the end of your cooking time for the last 5 or 10 mins, dead easy. Or is it my signature fish pie? Just cut chunks of our smoked haddock and place on celery and grated carrot, cover with cheese sauce and then topped with mashed potato! …….or perhaps baked haddock, chuck a fillet in a backing tray, add English mustard to double cream and cover the fillet. Bake for 20 minutes or so and enjoy!! There are so many delicious ways to eat it that I can’t decide.

  1. What other fish or shellfish do you enjoy eating?
I enjoy all fish, from smoked eel to lobster, haddock to sea bass. I’d really like to spend a week working through the Ramus fish emporium, the selection and variety there is bonkers, give me the keys, a chef and a kitchen and I’m away!

Catch of the Day Smoked Haddock Loins

  1. Who would you most like to share a seafood supper with and why?
Obviously someone like Stephen Fry, witty and fascinatingly intellectual. He would love fish I’m sure? Or Rick Stein, who I know loves our haddock; Rick is so enthusiastic, you can’t help but love him! But hey, since it’s make believe….Rachel Riley? It’s the numbers thing lol???

To taste some of the delicious smoked haddock, pop into our Harrogate or Ilkley stores or look out for our Catch of the Day range at a farm shop or deli near you.

Take a look at our recipe pages for more ideas on how best to east the tasty smoked fish.

For more information about Alfred Enderby please visit their website:

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