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Succulent scallops are now a mainstay on many a restaurant menu, often seared and served with a variety of purées or even black pudding, and are a popular choice in our shops.  But have you stopped to wonder where they come from?

Here at Ramus we supply both queen and king scallops, both of which are sourced from the cool North Atlantic waters around Scotland. 

We constantly look for the best, most responsible suppliers for our products, to ensure that our customers get the highest quality, fresh products, but also to make sure that fishing has a sustainable future.

Hence we have now found a new supplier for our king scallops and would like to introduce you to The Ethical Shellfish Company

Guy Grieve from the Ethical Shellfish CompanyEstablished in April 2010 by husband and wife team Guy and Juliet Grieve from their home on the Isle of Mull, The Ethical Shellfish Company is a winner of 2 Environmental Awards as well as providing some of the best quality scallops in the country.  Due to their excellent quality, Guy supplies some of the most famous restaurants in the UK, counting Edinburgh-based chef Tom Kitchen as a fan: “The product quality is fantastic and Guy is very passionate about what he does.”

The king scallops are hand dived Isle of Mull king scallops, fished from their own boat Helanda in the clean waters around Mull and the surrounding islands.  Hand dived scallops are fished with no damage to the seabed, no waste or bycatch, and small scallops are returned alive to the sea to allow them to grow and spawn. Guy and his small team work from small boats which use very little fuel and customers can be sure that the shellfish caught through this non-invasive method has not come at the expense of the environment.

The scallops are caught to order, ensuring zero waste, and are strictly graded once caught to only take the medium and large-sized shells. The small ones are put back, in areas of high tidal flow and out of reach of dredgers.  To top it all the majority of Guy’s scallops arrive with us within 24 hours of leaving the sea.

We very much support Guy in his pledge to support sustainable fishing methods and hope you enjoy the delicious taste of the scallops, knowing they are sourced responsibly and sustainably.

Did you know?

  • Scallops are at their best from March – November
  • King and queen scallops are actually completely different species, with the queen scallops remaining their petite succulent size, and the king scallops providing a meatier mouthful.
  • The best way to cook them is pan-frying for a few minutes out of the shell or steamed of grilled within the shell.
  • For more information about scallops visit our website here

Recipesscallops white wine watercress - BT

We have a couple of recipes for scallops in our cookbook FORTY, including:

  • Brian Turner’s Scallops in white wine and watercress sauce
  • Coquilles Pierre, our own version of Coquilles Saint Jacques, named after the team member who devised the recipe!
Or why not try a recipe from The Ethical Shellfish company themselves?  We thought the Scallop Cerviche sounded really interesting.

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