How to make Homemade Fish Fingers

This year sees the 50th anniversary of the introduction of Captain Birdseye who was the face of Birdseye’s advertising campaign until 1998. Fish fingers have been a teatime staple for many families over the years but nothing tastes quite as good as a homemade fish finger!

Very easy to prepare, they can be made with any type of chunky, flaky fish and a variety of toppings. To see what worked well, we did a taste test to see if salmon,  cod or haddock worked best and whether the new trendy Panko breadcrumbs were any better than the traditional golden crumb. 

Here’s how to prepare yours at home:
  1. Ask our Ramus team to select some chunky pieces of fish for you that are skinned and boned.
  2. At home, cut them with a sharp knife into even sized fingers.
  3. Roll first in plain flour seasoned with a little sea salt and black pepper, then beaten whole egg, and then finally roll in the breadcrumbs of your choice.
  4. To cook either pan-fry for a couple of minutes on each side in a little oil (we used rapeseed oil as this has a higher burning point); or oven bake for 15 minutes at 200C.
  5. Serve with peas and homemade potato wedges for a delicious nutritious supper! 

In conclusion we decided that, although everyone loves salmon, it is a little bit too firm for a fish finger. We preferred the more flaky texture of the white fish and enjoyed the cod and haddock equally. 

As far as topping was concerned, the traditional golden breadcrumbs produced a more even crumb, reminiscent of the traditional fish finger, whereas the Panko gave more texture and had more of a homemade look. Pan-frying definitely gave a crispier coating with the help of a little oil, but the fish was equally delicious baked in the oven. 

To top it all off, why not serve with some homemade tartare sauce? Our friends at have given us a tasty recipe to go alongside their Yorkshire fish fingers. Why not give it a go?

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