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lobster hatcheryLobster BOGOFJune is a great month for shellfish, with delicious sweet English lobsters and crab in plentiful supply.  So this month we thought you’d like to hear about one of our fabulous suppliers who fish in the clear blue coastal waters of Cornwall. Dreckly Fish supply us with line caught fish and pot caught lobsters and crabs which are all completely traceable.   Read on to find out how they also make the supply fully sustainable.

Dreckly Fish is made up of a small group of fishermen fishing out of the port of Newlyn, in small day boats, using sustainable and low impact methods.  All of their boats are part of the Responsible Fishing Scheme run by Seafish. 

They are members of the ‘Buy one, Set one free’ scheme running at the National Lobster Hatchery in Padstow.  The Nationl Lobster Hatchery is a pioneering marine conservation, research and education charity whose primary aim is to help conserve the vulnerable lobster populations and preserve coastal marine biodiversity.

For every Lobster Dreckly Fish sell, they will donate £0.50p to the hatchery, in return the hatchery once a year will release hundreds of baby lobsters into the Newlyn area. The fishermen also help by taking all the berried hens up to the hatchery to allow the female lobsters to hatch juvenile baby lobsters in peace and safety. So, that means every Lobster you buy from us will support the scheme and ensure that fishing has a sustainable future.

baby lobster

One of the baby lobster

lobster hatchery van

The National Lobster Hatchery Van













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