Fabulous Fresh Fish – if you fancy a little change!

camomile tisane mussels - Steph MoonOur most recent Stray Extra show was aired on Thursday February 11th, in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. Mussels and scallops are in season at the moment, with sustainable, rope grown, MSC certified mussels offering a fantastically quick, and very healthy dish for the family.  Check out our delicious Moules Mariniere, Rick Stein’s Mussels with Tomato & Tarragon or for the more adventurous, try Stephanie Moon’s Camomile-infused Mussels.

Alex Cann and Jonathan chatted about the delights of seafood platters and oysters with champagne but on a more serious note, they also did a bit of myth busting following a price comparison survey that Ramus has recently undertaken.

Ramus took 6 main products (cod, haddock, smoked haddock, tuna, sea bass and salmon) and compared prices with the main supermarkets (Asda, Tesco, Waitrose, Booths, Sainsbury’s & Morrisons).  Interesting points to note were:fish-box-family-favourites

  • Ramus was cheaper than the supermarkets on 50% of the lines
  • Ramus price for cod was £9.50/kg with the nearest supermarket at £12.50/kg
  • Ramus haddock was £12.00/kg with the nearest price being £14.70/kg and the highest being £19.00/kg
  • Salmon prices were on a par, although portion sizes differed (Ramus standard piece was 170g whereas the supermarkets opted for a smaller portion at 135g)
Full comparisons will be made available soon with details from February, but our initial findings show that shopping in independent retailers doesn’t mean it is more expensive.  With the guaranteed provenance and fresh, high quality fish, shopping at Ramus represents fantastic value.  

fish and chipsThere is also the debate about fresh versus frozen, as many supermarkets do sell previously frozen fish on their fresh fish counters. In a recent TV programme Eat Well for Less, Gregg Wallace showed the difference in buying fresh over frozen when he taste tested 50 people with fresh and frozen cod for fish and chips.  47 out of 50 people preferred the fresh cod and were able to identify it.  Although more expensive to produce, it does show that quality stands out.

Unfortunately “there is no such thing as cheap fish”, comments Jonathan.  “We pay for time to ensure that the fish reaches us as quickly as possible for maximum freshness.”  Smoked Salmon is good example of time versus quality.  The best smoked salmon is dry cured in salt to extract the moisture and then hung for extra flavour. The longer it hangs, the pricier it becomes but the tastier it is in the end.  

With comparable (or even cheaper!) pricing than the supermarkets, but with the added bonus of responsible sourcing, great service, choice and quality, it’s really worth coming along to see what we have in the counter.

Fabulous fresh fish…if you fancy a little change!

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