Everything you need to know about Sea Bass

A large roundfish which has become extremely popular in recent years thanks to its superb, sweet flavour and appealing white textured meat, sea bass is both versatile to cook with and economical to buy. It goes well with both creamy, delicate flavours and sharp, spicy sauces, it makes great sushi and is also delicious baked whole.

Where and when to buy Sea Bass

We source the majority of our sea bass from the Mediterranean where it is farmed to incredibly high standards and is available all year round. The season for wild sea bass caught off the UK coast starts during the summer and runs through to the end of the year.Sea bass (whole & filleted) is regularly available in store. A pair of sea bass fillets is also available as part of our Catch of the Day retail range stocked in many local farm shops and independent food shops, and is also one of the tasty components of our Family Favourites Fish Box.

Sea Bass recipes
Our Ramus recipe section features a quick and easy supper of Pan-fried sea bass with cashew nut pesto, as well as an Asian inspired teriyaki sea bream which can easily be substituted with sea bass.

Pan-fried sea bass with pesto

Teriyaki style Bream

For more inspiration take a look at this collection of sea bass recipes from Delicious Magazine with everything from sea bass cerviche to whole baked Asian sea bass.

How to Fillet a Sea Bass
For technical skills in filleting and boat filleting a sea bass (for stuffing with herbs etc.), take a look at our quick tutorial videos below. If you are ever in any doubt, our experienced team in both the Harrogate and Ilkley shops will be able to help and advise and can always do the filleting for you.

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