Entertain with Ramus Seafoods

Entertain with Ramus

Only the finest seafood is good enough for a Ramus Seafood Platter.

From alfresco picnics to festive entertaining, look no further than a famous Ramus seafood platter, teaming with freshly prepared lobster, crab, prawns & other delicacies. We have a new range of seafood platters to suit all tastes and budgets, from The Emporium for 2 people, right up to The Poseidon Adventure for up to 20. Prepared fresh and served on a bed of salad, these exceptional platters can be made to any size.

We also have a range of ready meals that are inspired and prepared by our in-store team, many of whom are trained chefs. Why not try out the Salmon Filo Parcels for a quick and easy supper or pop the Coquilles Pierre under the grill for a delicious starter? Whether you’re planning a romantic meal for 2 or a celebration party for 50, our extensive range of fresh seafood and inviting platters can be prepared to suit any occasion.

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