Enjoy your Lobster Whole? Here’s how!

How to Eat a Lobster

To get the full enjoyment from lobster you need to use a lobster pick to find all those tasty morsels. The knife and fork should be temporarily put to one side when trying to extract those succulent pieces of fresh lobster. A combination of fingers and the lobster pick will make the job easier. When you recieve your lobster it should be in two halves, with the claws cracked. A dip of melted butter or mayonnaise will bring out those special flavours. A lobster has over thirty different flavours.
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With the fork or lobster pick lift out the tail meat in one piece.   Scoop out the white and dark meat from the body.
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Next come the claws. Pick the claw up in your fingers and pull the meat off between your teeth. There is a centre blade shaped shell in the middle of the claw.   The meat can be extracted from the knucles by using your lobster pick.
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All parts of the lobster contain tasty morsels. The legs should be taken off and run through the teeth to squeeze out themeat. The tail part can also be treated in the same way.
The only part of the lobster which is not edible are the gills which are situated between the outer shell of the main body and the honeycomb (the part which the legs are attached to). They are feather shaped and grayish in colour; about an inch long. There are five on each side.
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