English versus Canadian Lobster – can you tell the difference?

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June is a great month for our native English lobsters, with fresh bountiful supply from our fishermen in the south west. 

Alex Cann from Stray FM came in to talk lobsters with Jonathan and taste test them both.  Conclusion: they’re both delicious!

Although they’re both similar to look at, they are in fact different species.  Our native lobster (in the top of the picture), which we source from our friends at Dreckly Fish down in Cornwall, has a speckled shell with soft flesh and is very seasonal.  Whereas the Canadian lobster, which is sourced from the cold waters of Nova Scotia, is available all year round and has a sweeter yet firmer meat.

For English lobsters, May & June is the prime time to eat them as they are packed full of meat, prior to casting their shells in late summer.  As mentioned in our previous blog post, our supply is fully sustainable through the catch and release scheme at the Lobster Hatchery in Padstow.

In Canada the industry is huge, providing 75% of the world’s lobsters but our Canadian supply is also sustainable, with the fishery soon to achieve its MSC certification.  For more information on Jonathan’s visit to Nova Scotia click here.

Lobster, the ‘king of crustaceans’, has been identified as having over 40 separate flavours but is really easy to eat.  Just steam and dip in melted butter for a delicious meal. 

To prepare a lobster and see how easy it is, click on the audio below to listen to Jonathan’s Stray Extra demonstration aired on the Food & Drink Hour last night.  You can buy live lobsters from Ramus and prepare then yourselves, or alternatively you can buy whole, cooked and split lobster and simply enjoy!

For a delicious recipe, why not try our Lobster Thermidor Tartlets? One of the recipes in our Cookbook FORTY.  A recipe card is available in store now.

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