Eating fresh nutritious fish doesn’t need to cost the earth

Family favourites resizedRamus Seafoods of Harrogate & Ilkley has concluded that eating fresh, nutritious fish doesn’t need to cost the earth.  Furthermore, if you shop independently, the customer is likely to get much better value, with specialist service, guaranteed quality & provenance and prices no more expensive than the supermarkets.

Why should we eat fish and how much does it cost?

The NHS website,, recommends that we eat at least 2 portions of fish per week, including one of oily fish (i.e. salmon, fresh tuna, mackerel).  According to Ramus’ comparisons, it costs just over £60 per month (£15 per week) to feed a family of 4 with those recommended amounts.  Taking into account that the average person (let alone family) spends £109 on takeaways a month*, is £60 a high price to pay for a healthy diet? (*According to a survey by undertaken in March 2014)

The table below** shows the average monthly spend for a family of 4 eating 2 portions of fish per week across a 4 week period (2 x cod/salmon/haddock; 1 x smoked haddock/sea bass).

















Difference £








Difference %








¹ always guaranteed fresh, not previously frozen
**Table compiled from data collected on 15/1/16; 5/2/16; 12/2/16 & 22/2/16 at stores in Harrogate & Ilkley (see Table 1 & 2 below);
Prices have been taken per kg (or individual portion equivalent) with an average sized portion being 150g.

Fish is an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals, including long chain Omega-3 fatty acids needed for a healthy heart and is an invaluable part of our diet. For more information on the health benefits of fish and seafood, please see

What can you expect from an independent fishmonger such as Ramus?

Fresh vs Frozen

Ramus Seafoods pride themselves on NEVER selling previously frozen fish as fresh.  Our day boat catch is landed and with us within 36 hours ensuring the freshest fish possible.

Responsible Sourcing

At Ramus, we believe in the future of fish. This means that whilst guaranteeing the broadest range of quality products, we also ensure that they are sourced responsibly. We buy from sustainable fish stocks and can provide full traceability on all our products.

  • Wild Catch – our day boat fishermen partners in the South West also take sustainability & traceability very seriously and are all members of the Responsible Fishing Scheme.ramus-wild-catch-4
  • Salmon – all of our salmon comes from the RSPCA Freedom Food certified Wester Ross Fisheries. The oldest independent, owner-operated salmon farm in Scotland, Wester Ross still hand-rears its salmon in three sea-water lochs to ensure the best quality salmon with the minimum impact on the environment.
  • Mussels – our Blue Shell Mussels are MSC certified
  • Haddock – our Haddock is line caught in Iceland
  • Cod – our cod supplier is MSC certified
  • Tuna & Swordfish – all of our tuna and swordfish is dolphin friendly and pole & line caught

Consistent Pricing

We ensure that our pricing offers excellent value for our customers.  The prices reflect the market conditions but are not artificially inflated prior to special offers.  We offer consistency and great every day value.

Independent vs Supermarkets

At Ramus you can be assured of:

  • Genuine portion sizes that are cut specifically to your requirements
  • Exactly what it says on the label, i.e. we would never sell cod tails as cod loin
  • Sustainable sourced, high quality products
  • Professional expert advice on types and cuts of fish and how best to prepare and cook.

Ramus is proud of its 40 year history serving the people of Harrogate and Ilkley with the finest fresh fish and seafood.  Through its cookbook FORTY, on-line hints and tips and specialist in-store advice, it aims to encourage people to eat more fish as part of a balance diet, highlighting how quick and easy it is to prepare.  For tasty recipes and further inspiration in the run up to Easter, visit our recipe pages.

Fabulous fresh fish, if you fancy a little change!

Table 1: Full Analysis over 4 separate weeks, in Harrogate & Ilkley (price/kg)

cod fillet9.5015.5017.5014.0012.508.0015.00
bass5.50 /11.0011.50*12.989.999.999.9914.00
smk haddock13.0014.0018.4014.5014.9018.0015.00
cod fillet9.5010.2013.2510.0011.000.000.00
bass5.50 /11.0010.5013.2511.6711.000.000.00
smk haddock13.0012.0016.7014.5013.000.000.00
cod fillet9.5010.5012.2010.0011.0012.0010.00
bass5.50 /11.0011.50*12.80*11.67*11.50*10.7122.00
smk haddock13.0012.5015.4014.5012.0012.0012.75
cod fillet9.5012.0014.0013.5012.5012.0015.00
smk haddock13.0013.500.0014.5014.008.0015.00
Average (JAN/FEB)
cod fillet9.5012.0514.2411.8811.7510.67**13.33**
smk haddock13.0013.0016.83**14.5013.4812.67**14.25**
Average price per portion (150g)
cod fillet1.431.812.141.781.761.602.00
smk haddock1.951.952.532.182.021.902.14

* denotes equivalent price per kg
** based on a 3 week average not 4

Table 2: Averages based on a family of 4 eating 2 portions of fish per week (variances in fish type)

Average monthly spend for family of 4 eating 2 portions of fish per week 
(2 x cod/haddock, 1 x salmon/smoked haddock/bass/tuna)
variance £-0.5512.104.02-0.19-6.8317.58
variance %-0.8418.266.06-0.29-10.3026.53
Average monthly spend for family of 4 eating 2 portions of fish per week
 (2 x cod/salmon, 1 x haddock/smoked haddock/bass/tuna)
variance £-3.309.771.14-2.92-7.2517.11
variance %-4.7714.121.64-4.21-10.4724.71
Average monthly spend for family of 4 eating 2 portions of fish per week 
(2 x cod/salmon/haddock; 1 x smoked haddock/bass)
variance ££0.55£11.83£5.04£0.83-£4.90£20.21
variance %0.9119.548.321.38-8.0933.38



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