Come on TV Chefs

I was asked yesterday, by a follower on twitter, if I had any skate cheeks.

It appears that a TV chef was cooking with them on Market Kitchen. One question buzzed through my mind. WHY?

Surely if you were going on a programme such as this you would want to cook a dish that the viewers would be able to cook at home. If so, then choose a main ingredient that the viewers will readily be able to buy.  Not one that you would have to hunt high and low to find. I expect 99% of you will never be able to get a skate cheek, which like monk, cod or halibut cheeks are very lovely but hardly abundant.  I am not saying they are impossible to get but there are so few about they are not a regular on my slab.

It makes me question this chefs agenda. Was he or she trying to educate and help the viewer or simply play a game of one upmanship with his fellow chefs.

I will leave you to decide, but in the meantime come on guys think a bit about what you are doing because there is an impact on guys like me.

One Response to Come on TV Chefs

  1. larry hartwell February 24, 2011 at 10:06 pm #

    In all the years I was fishing I’ve never seen ray cheeks?!!

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