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Stray FM visit us on Kings Road

A couple of weeks ago Alex Cann from Stray FM popped into the Harrogate store to have a chat with Jonathan for their LOVE LOCAL campaign. Impressed with the wide variety of fish on offer and the great visual impact of the counter, Alex and Jonathan then went on to discuss everything from the clear health […]

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Always sell quality.

“Always sell quality. Quality will alway sell” That was the mantra of my mentor Chris Ramus and he drummed it into me the same way his father, a Boroughbridge butcher, drummed it into him. For nearly 40 years that has been the way we have run our business, always striving to find the best products we can possibly find. […]

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Enjoy your Lobster Whole? Here’s how!

How to Eat a Lobster To get the full enjoyment from lobster you need to use a lobster pick to find all those tasty morsels. The knife and fork should be temporarily put to one side when trying to extract those succulent pieces of fresh lobster. A combination of fingers and the lobster pick will […]

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Our first blog post

So here we are my first venture into the world of blogging! Why am I blogging? Well over the past few months I have been using twitter and found it a great way to communicate with all kinds of people all over the world. I also found that I have got lots to say on […]

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