Always sell quality.

“Always sell quality. Quality will alway sell” That was the mantra of my mentor Chris Ramus and he drummed it into me the same way his father, a Boroughbridge butcher, drummed it into him. For nearly 40 years that has been the way we have run our business, always striving to find the best products we can possibly find. We have often had to pay more for these products but over the years it has paid dividends. But what happens if quality stops selling? What happens if this recession continues to bite? What happens if it gets worse? There is no doubt that we have seen a slow down in the sale of our top end products. We don’t sell as much Turbot, Halibut, Doversole or Lobster as we did in the past. More customer are looking for cheaper alternatives. Now there are good quality value options such as Salmon, Mackerel or Herring but for every customer choosing these products from us, there will be another who has simply been seduced by the so-called cheap prices at the supermarket, are visiting a fish van in the car park and buying second rate products that work our more expensive (are you listening people of Ilkley) or are simply not eating fish at all. So what happens then? Do we lower our quality standards and buy cheaper  products to operate on a level playing field? No we bloody do not! We have to work harder to get the message across that what we offer is better quality and better value than the alternatives and that there is a genuine benefit to the consumer and the community at large by having shops like ours on the high street. So come on folks I have two messages for you #eatmorefish and #shoplocal . The fight back starts here.    
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